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Out West 2019 - Day 4

Wedding Day

I forget to mention something yesterday. We got a text from James, the groom, stating the road to the ceremony site was closed and they were not sure if the weeding was going to happen today. It wasn’t until today, that we realized that the road to the ceremony site, was the road that was closed yesterday. Luckily, the snow let up and they were able to get the roads cleared.

In the morning, We had breakfast at the hotel, and then decided to take a drive through the Grand Canyon to check out the ceremony location. WOW! That is all I can say. You enter the park, but do not actually see the Grand Canyon till you drive around a corner. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! We stopped at a few pull offs and eventually stopped at the Ceremony location, Moran Point. We took a look around and got a game plane for the wedding.

We then headed back to the hotel, but ready for the wedding, and headed back. We will be doing a blog post about the wedding, so stay tuned.

After the Wedding, we headed back to the hotel to meet up with Jad’s Family. We had dinner at the hotel, with some drinks in the atrium while Cole and Kelsey (Jad’s brother and his girlfriend) sat in the hot tub. We did have a little situation as Lily escaped the hotel room while I was trying to let her out. The good thing was that she heard Jad and his family talking so she ran straight to them! She is such a good girl!


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