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Out West 2019 - Day 5

We are on the move again! We packed up the room and headed to Starbucks for breakfast. Because we had to be out of the hotel room and we were going to take some family photos of James and Kellie, we needed to find a place for Lily to stay for the day. Luckily there was a place to board her in the Grand Canyon Village. We dropped her off and headed to met up with Jad’s family at the visitor center. We did have to stop to take photos for the Elk that were on the side of the road. There were about 6 of them about 15 feet from the road.

We meet up with Jad’s family and walked to the overlook at the visitors center. This was the first time Terri had seen the Grand Canyon, minus the time when she was two. It was a sunny, cold day, but no matter the weather, the Grand Canyon never disappoints.

We then meet up with James, Kellie and Levi to take some family photos. We can ready more about how the session went once I get the blog posted about the wedding.

From the photo shoot, we headed to Sedona. We drove the road that was closed on Tuesday (day 3) and made some stops at the over looks along the way. Every overlook offered something different from being the tallest point, to an overlook tower. Most of the drive was familiar territory for Jad and I, only this time is was sunny and not snowing! It was a gorgeous drive. For those that are not aware, Sedona, Arizona is down in the valley of the Red Rocks. The drive to get there, you had to wind your way down. Seeing the Red Rocks appear and being down in the valley was stunning.

We checked into our hotel, Andante Inn of Sedona. Jad and I really enjoyed this hotel and suggest the hotel for anyone traveling with a dog. The rooms were updated and had laminate flooring. We had a door that led us right to a fenced in door park. Lily enjoyed being off leash, she even found a friend to play with.

For dinner, we headed to Oak Creek Brewery. There was live music, local beer and food. After enjoying some music, we decided to check out another local place. We went to the 89 Steakhouse were we enjoyed some drinks, a cheese plate and creme brûlée.


View from our room at The Andante Inn of Sedona

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