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Out West 2019 - Day 2

We hit the road pretty early...although not as early as we wanted. Apparently, we needed more sleep than we thought! We did have a rough start with Lily, we had to stop TWICE to let her out. We later realized we did not give her enough time to do her business before we left, and she needs her space. We go out the 15 inch leash and let her walk around a ditch in Iowa, and then we were good to go! We did make one more stop before leaving Iowa, Casey’s General Store, for some of the best breakfast pizza there is.

This drive took us through Missouri and Kansas. We have seen plenty of animals along the way including bald eagles (8), deer, cows, horses, hawks and seagulls, to name a few. We hope as we get farther southwest the animals we become a little more exciting. We do have some good news, however. We did not get dysentery! We drove on part of the Oregon Trail, so those of you who have ever played the computer game, The Oregon Trail, know that dysentery is a common and deadly thing. We decided to give Lily a break and grab lunch to eat at a park. After trying to find a subway, and almost driving onto a military base, we managed to find Burger King and headed to Milford State Park, KS. It was nice to be able to sit outside, and enjoy the views. Lily also enjoyed being out of the car for a while. Although she is such a good traveler. She is either sleeping, or enjoying the views on the drive.

From there, we to stay with some family, Chris and Lori’s, place for the night. They were even nice enough to provide us with food when we got there. Lily got to meet her first horse, and we were surprised as how well she did! She even went nose to nose with them! Please disregard the blurry photo, it was a very quick moment we just had to capture! The only bad part about seeing the horses... Jad’s eye decided to swell up!

Up next, a drive through a portion of the Rockies and off to the Grand Canyon!


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